Rally Touring

The Sandhills Motoring Club hosts driving events on a regular basis in three formats, Touring, Rally, and Enduro.

Touring Drives

Leisurely drives through the Sandhills, NC countryside. Some drives may include stops for breakfast and/or lunch, and visiting local attractions. Touring drives may also coincide with Tech Sessions or Club Luncheons, depending on the location of those respective events. The SMC Team will provide a overview of the route to members prior to the start of the drive, although the majority will be a “Follow the Leader” format.

Rally Drives

SMC Road Rallies are drives with a purpose. Participants will adhere to preset rules established by the rally organizer. These rules may include, but are not limited to answering triva questions, spotting landmarks, taking prescribed directions, and much more. Rallies require a driver and navigator and can be intense but also very exciting and a great adventure. Awards are provided

Enduro Drives

Enduro drives, come in a few different flavors. The first, in the spirit of the world famous Mille Miglia, take place over the course of a full weekend. Starting out Friday morning, drivers embark on their first leg of the journey to the first destination, with dinner and overnight stay. The second leg of the journey includes local attraction stops, lunch, followed by a dinner and overnight stay. The final leg on Sunday takes the participants back home through the NC countryside. The second is track days at road courses located throughout the South East region. Both types of events require pre-registration up to 90 days before the scheduled events take place in order to secure a full roster and accommodations.

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