Pinecrest High School Exceptional Children Fundraiser Rally

The Sandhills Motoring Club is proud to present the Pinecrest High School Exceptional Children Fundraiser Rally & Car Show

Pinecrest High School
250 Voit Gilmore Road
Southern Pines NC. 28387

Dear Friends,

We write to you on behalf of the children with special needs who attend Pinecrest High School. Thanks to an initiative by the Pinecrest Athletic Club (PAC), plans are underway to create an Outdoor Activity Center for our exceptional children. This Center, to be located adjacent to the auditorium in a beautiful wooded area, would allow our EC students the opportunity to both play and learn in an outdoor setting and to exercise physically as well.

Unfortunately, the funding provided by the PAC is not adequate to cover the full cost of the Activity Center since special accommodations have to be made for wheelchair accessibility and limited mobility. This type of equipment is extremely expensive. To that end, we are seeking funding from individual groups and organizations who have been so generous in supporting our children in the past.

Would you be able to help us bring this Outdoor Activity Center to reality? A donation of any size will help us reach our goal. Our estimated budget is $51,000; we currently have raised just over $20,000 to provide this special center. Thank you for your continued support of our most special students. If we can provide you with more information, please let us know.

The Committee for the EC Outdoor Activity Center

Benefiting the Exceptional Children extended content program. Proceeds go towards building an outdoor educational facility for students with physical and learning disabilities.

Items include:
Omnispin Spinner
Animato Metallophone
Molded bucket swing seat with harness
Cascata bells
Kettle drum
Plastic borders
ADA full ramp through border
Engineered wood fiber surfacing.

Donations for Sign Up Starting at $1/mile (Minimum 50 miles, max/total distance is 100 miles)

Any extra donations can be made out to the Pinecrest PAC via our checkout form or directly to the Pinecrest PAC

To build an outdoor educational learning center for our extended content exceptional ed students. Proceeds go to build handicap accessible areas for our physically disabled students to work with physical therapists and our occupational therapists in an open outdoor environment.

Saturday, May 6th, 2023

Arrival at Pinecrest High School: 8:00am
First launch: 9:00am

Start/Finish Line:
Pinecrest High School auditorium parking lot
250 Voit Gilmore Ln, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Awards/Gifts will be provided for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Rally & Car Show Details

Entrants will have the option to display their car in the Car Show, or participate in the Rally.

For the Car Show – we will have a People’s Choice and Kid’s Choice for favorite car on the field. Entry cost is $25 per car.

For the Rally – there are two options for this fun Rally – 50 miles ($50) or 100 miles ($100). Both options contain the Question and Answer portion of the Rally, however if you want to run the Rally without a Navigator, that is ok too.

1) We will be staging you in the parking lot at Lee Auditorium – please see map for details.
2) Once the driver’s meeting is complete, you will proceed to front of Pinecrest High for a photo op with our Photographers. Once your picture is taken, you are cleared to launch!
3) The route directions are intended to be clear and concise. The instructions do not contain any tricks or intentionally misleading instructions. In this age of GPS, smartphones and nav systems, it is hard to get lost or off route, but if you do, simply return to your last good location and proceed again. If you choose to abandon all hope, head over to the school 250 Voit Gilmore Road, Southern Pines, NC).
4) If your instructions say turn left, but the car in front of you turns right and you follow them, you may follow them to an unintended pit stop or scenic detour – follow the instructions!
5) Some of the route consists of rural roads with some great twists and turns for you to enjoy your automobile.
6) All the answers to the questions are visible from the road, and yes, spelling counts. The question list you get is NOT in the order of the answers along the route. That means you may see the answer to the first question on the list, just as you are ending the route. You will need a pen/pencil to write your answers on the sheet (a clip board would be handy). You will receive 1 point for each correct answer. The winner and runners up will be based on total score.
7) Each car must have two (or more) people. Although the driver can help look for answers, doing both for the entire route does not pass the safety test. If you do not have a navigator, we will waive the two-person rule for you to drive the route, and not answer questions. Participants who submit their answer sheet will be eligible for the Rally prize.
8) If you feel the need to get out of your car to answer some of the questions, you are allowed to do so. All locations have shoulders, parking lots, or gravel lanes that you can easily pull into but please be very careful leaving and returning to the road.
9) The route instructions are set up to use your trip odometer miles as a turn indicator. If your car has a trip meter, it would be nice if you know how to zero it. The route instruction mileage number may differ slightly from yours, so use it as a guide to get you close. This is especially true if you have changed from factory tire sizes. If you must double back to relook at something and you add some distance, use the delta number which is the approximate miles between each turn.
10) The route list will be your directions and everyone will receive a print out.
11) If you need to make a pit stop, stop when you need to, you do not lose points for time.
12) Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the morning drive through the Sandhills countryside!

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