Bugatti Divo lands in the US

What’s that you say? The first Bugatti Divo has arrived in the USA? Let me just whip out my checkbook and write a check for a cool…$5.8 Million? And there’s only 40 available for sale? (Puts checkbook away)

Regardless of the price or limited availability, the Bugatti Divo, is another work of art from the French masters of supercars. Named for French race driver Albert Divo, the car was unveiled in 2019 at the Geneva International Motor Show. The two door coupe, mid-engine beast boasts a 8.0L, 488 cu in, quad-turbocharged W16 engine putting out 1,479 hp, with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Top speed on the Divo is a mere 236 mph and 0-60 is tired with the Chiron at 2.4 seconds.

Modern coachbuilding and designed to perform indeed. Check out the full site on the Divo at:

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